Partner Associates

Building a great company is comparable to assembling a complicated jigsaw puzzle. It requires dedication, perseverance and problem-solving-skills. At Medecor Pharma we try to find partner associates who are an integral piece of that jigsaw puzzle.

Most companies make the cliché statement that their employees are their “greatest asset.” At Medecor Pharma, we say that our partner associates are our greatest talent.

Assets are something a company owns. At Medecor Pharma, we do not “own” our employees. Talent is the capacity for achievement or success. Medecor’s goal is to enable and enhance that talent in each and every single partner associate.

We strive to find talented individuals with a strong work ethic, solid moral character and an outstanding attitude. If you feel like this is the type of company in which you would excel and you have a strong desire to reach your full potential, then you might just be the essential piece of the puzzle we’ve been looking for!